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SEO - Suchmaschinenoptimierung


The goal is to be wanted and found

This topic is so extensive that we can actually define a whole chain of tasks with it. Since a good operator is expected to have a sales-generating web presence for successful transmission to the search engine, search engine optimization is necessary. This starts with the design of the website and ultimately ends with the backlinks to your own website.

We check and optimize these points:

  • Web page design
    • Is the website secured with an SSL certificate?
    • Is the website optimized for mobile users (responsive)?
    • Have scripting languages been used?
    • Is it possible to further optimize the included scripts?
    • Can you summarize the scripts?
    • Is it possible to put the scripts at the bottom of the webpage?
    • How are the individual elements positioned?
    • Which terms occur and how often?
    • Have h1, h2, h3 headings been used extensively?
    • Whether and how were the alt tags used?
    • Is there enough content?
    • Are there pictures on the website?
    • Do you have alt and title tags?
    • Are the images optimized?
    • Are there barriers on the website?
    • Can you then make the design without tables?
    • Have the meta tags been used correctly and optimally?
  • Links within the webpage
    • How are the links set internally?
    • What do the URL’s look like?
    • Do the URL’s also contain keywords?
    • Has an optimal sitemap been created?
  • Links outside/to the website
    • Which sides are pointing back at you?
    • Which keywords are used to link to your page?
    • Are the definitions and descriptions used on your webpage correct and optimal?
  • Links in the search engines
    • Which pages of your website have been indexed by the major search engines?
    • What information can search engines see from your website?
    • Are incorrect or faulty websites of yours included in the search engines?
    • Did all search engines get the optimal sitemaps submitted?

These and other points are our approach to optimizing your websites. This means that if we have successfully processed all points, we are talking about successful search engine optimization. So we go to the next phase => search engine, web catalog and link list entry .



Search engine entries, social media profiles and backlinks are firstly the most well-known and secondly the most effective ways to make your own website public and to advertise the website in a targeted manner.

1- Search engine entry: In order to be able to take part in what is happening at all, you have to be represented in the most important search engines at all, i.e. your website and its content should be indexed.

2- Social Media: Nowadays it is hard to imagine life without it, as a company and entrepreneur you can also set things up for your own publications and advertising.

3- Backlinks: If you want to be at the top of the search engine rankings, backlinks are indispensable, namely those that are fully qualified and can also have quality.

If you would also like to have a properly optimized website, do not hesitate any longer and get an offer today. Below you will find a form with which you can tell us your data and facts, as soon as we receive your message we will work for you and we’ll get back to you shortly. 

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